Biodegradable 3D targets that you can repair
Sustainable and cost-effective targets for military, police and hunting.
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Woodcast is a Game Changer for shooting practice

Biodegradeable targets

The targets are made from 100% biodegradeable material that you can leave behind with good conscience.

REPAIR on the go

Woodcast targets can be patched in minutes. Reusable targets will save you money, time and storage space.

Limitless adaptations

Our 3D targets can be moved into different positions, providing highly varied practice opportunities.

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"The targets are unbreakable - I can always fix them"
"I like that it's ecological and there's no harm for the nature"
"I realized the difference in shooting when I saw the impact of aiming"
"Cost efficient as I can fix it and it will only become better"

Used by the military, police, top athletes and hospitals

Woodcast® is a lightweight, high-performance material.

Extremely durable and repairable

Woodcast attaches to itself when heated to 65 ° C (only one side hot) and becomes as strong as reference thickness. Our tests show that this product can be shot and repaired for more than ​3 000 shots.​

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Trust does not come easy

We supply the armed forces, and we do it right.

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